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El Segundo - 02/28/13
Always delicious and healthy! Friendly staff and lots of yummy choices!

Hermosa Beach - 03/04/13
Keep the sun out, so I can skate on over for my delicious turkey salad!

Redondo Beach - 02/12/13
Prompt service, extensive menu, excellent food and service, great value for the dollar.

West LA - 02/25/13
A great go to place.

Redondo Beach Comments

Redondo Beach – 02/21/13
We love Good Stuff! Great food and great service! My daughter loves the cinnamon roll French Toast!


Redondo Beach – 02/12/13
Prompt service, extensive menu, excellent food and service, great value for the dollar


Redondo Beach – 02/06/13
I love good stuff!! It’s tough rating influence on this review… i love location, food, servive, atmosphere and price

Redondo Beach – 01/17/13
Good healthy food and great service!


Redondo Beach – 01/17/13
Always great, always dependable.


Redondo Beach – 01/16/13
Food was delicious as usual. Always enjoy our experience!


Redondo Beach – 01/10/13
Great under 600 calories menu. Friendly staff; always great service. And great location only a couple blocks from the beach. Parking in that area can be difficult, but there’s a decent parking lot behind the restaurant on Avenue I.


Redondo Beach – 12/28/12
Take-out, very efficient and tasty.


Redondo Beach – 12/28/12
My daughter and I came with three children five and under. We were shown the utmost courtesy and the children’s meals were excellent as were our own. We also love the calorie listings and feel the food is very wholesome.


Redondo Beach – 01/04/13
As always, Good Stuff delivers! Excellent food, superior service, and reasonable prices. Add the prime South Redondo location, and you’ve hit the jackpot!


Redondo Beach – 12/15/12
Fantastic food and service!!!


Redondo Beach – 11/09/12
Good Stuff has been one of my favorites for years. Everyone needs to try it!


Redondo Beach – 11/02/12
Food very good; sat on patio, outside (very nice outside & pleasant), casual type restaurant so comfortable; service good; near Holywood Rivera & short walk to the beach; overall pleasant for day outing.


Redondo Beach – 10/16/12
We like being able to sit outside during the warm days and to take our dog with us, this is a perfect spot to do so. The food is always well prepared and service is great.


Redondo Beach – 10/12/12
Casual atmosphere, many menu items, reasonable prices.


Redondo Beach – 10/12/12
The food is great and the servers are fantastic! I love Good Stuff!


Redondo Beach – 10/12/12
Always good food, with daily specials that are always different and enticing.


Redondo Beach – 10/01/12
Always a great meal and experience. Love the healthy menu


Redondo Beach – 09/14/12
Great location, can always expect a great meal.


Redondo Beach – 09/27/12
Food and service were good as usual.


Redondo Beach – 09/24/12
food very good to excellent; out door patio nice to sit outside; try & get Amy as your server; she remembers you/your preferences & makes dining experience more enjoyable.


Redondo Beach – 08/30/12
Had a great time.


Redondo Beach – 09/14/12
Great location, can always expect a great meal.


Redondo Beach – 08/28/12
Had a great time.


Redondo Beach – 08/31/12
Very good spinach hand rolls. Love the healthy reasonably priced items. Service is 1st rate as the wait staff is consistently friendly & attentive to our requests!


Redondo Beach – 08/29/12
It is one of the best local restuarants in the south bay!! Great food and friendly service


Redondo Beach – 08/27/12
Nice place for breakfast. Food and service were very good. Sitting on the pation in the morning was perfect. Will eat there again.


Redondo Beach – 08/10/12
Love the healthy & tasty grilled barramundi fish!The wait staff is always friendly, up-beat & quick to respond to our requests.


Redondo Beach – 08/07/12
Great food, wonderful atmosphere.


Redondo Beach – 08/02/12
We had a wonderful dinning experience and we liked the place.


Redondo Beach – 08/01/12
It was wonderful!


Redondo Beach – 07/09/12
Always great food and wonderful employees!


Redondo Beach – 07/03/12
I usually come to this location for breakfast but my friends and I wanted a healthy meal after working out down by the beach. Good Stuff was the first place that came to our minds. The food and service was excellent! I will start coming here for dinner more often! Thanks for being part of the SkyMiles Dining Rewards Program! I definitely come here more frequently because you are.


Redondo Beach – 07/03/12
Generous portions, fresh produce. With two teenagers who ordered the least healthy thing on the menu and loved it. Had leftovers for lunch the next day. Good variety.


Redondo Beach – 07/03/12
Nothing but awesome!


Redondo Beach – 06/14/12
Friendly, fun, convenient.


Redondo Beach – 06/11/12
Again, very good food and very good service. A customer of Good Stuff in HB and RB for over 30 years!


Redondo Beach – 05/25/12
We love Good Stuff! We’ve been to the Redondo Beach as well as Hermosa Beach Locations. Each has it’s own vibe; but the food is uniformly terrific! This past weekend, we had dinner at the Redondo Beach location; and we had fish that was OUTSTANDING! Good Stuff is definitely one of our very favorite restaurants — and believe me, there are plenty to choose from in Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach – 05/25/12
Always a great local spot. Open early at 7AM on weekdays is convenient!


Redondo Beach – 05/23/12
It’s always wonderful! I eat here at least 4 times a month. Love it!


Redondo Beach – 05/22/12
Always a great experience at this restaurant!


Redondo Beach – 05/22/12
Staff was the most outstanding…they worked fast and energetically, I think they acted as if they owned the restaurant and that it was a priority that people felt like they were having a pleasant meal, they did this without hovering….also i wouldn’t have gone if they wouldn’t have had a good looking menu for vegetarians available on-line


Redondo Beach – 05/23/12
It’s always wonderful! I eat here at least 4 times a month. Love it!


Redondo Beach – 05/21/12
Great food.Fast friendly service


Redondo Beach – 05/16/12
Excellent food offerings and cozy restaurant!


Redondo Beach – 05/09/12
I’ve been going to GS for years. The dinners are great and for breakfast, you’ve got to try their wheat pancakes.


Redondo Beach – 05/07/12
Excellent food! Excellent service.


Redondo Beach – 05/02/12
We enjoyed our dessert. We ordered a brownie sundae and we’re lucky enough to get the brownie right out of the oven. Yum :)