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Waking up with a warm cup of coffee, good food and good conversation is a great way to start your day. Have your fill of our scrumptious breakfast and brunch items, such as classic pancakes, waffles, and omelets.


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Whether you are having a lunch meeting, visiting friends, or taking your family out, Good Stuff’s lunch menu has a variety of tasty food items from Mexican food to classic sandwiches, to wraps and more.


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Jumping On The Beach

Are you looking for healthy food options? We have a menu catered just for you. Our fitness menu has delicious options under 600 calories. Fill up on our nutritious meals to help fuel you for your active lifestyle.


Good Stuff is passionate about creating a comfortable environment and serving healthy food options in the Hermosa Beach area, so that you can eat good, live good and be good.

Hermosa Beach is one of the three beach cities that are located in the South Bay. It is also a part of the Los Angeles County and situated right on the coastline. The city has a total area is 1.43 square miles and in 2012 there was a population of 19,773 people. We are proud to serve the residents of Hermosa Beach with good food and service since 1979.

Hermosa Beach is well known as a surf town and for its beautiful location near the ocean. The weather is sunny and relatively warm for most of the year. One of the most popular places to be, especially in the summer, is on the Strand with the runners and bikers, on the sand with the volleyball players, or in the water with the surfers. The pier is a hotspot for a lot of activity. It has several restaurants and bars that are open during the day and at night. Hermosa Beach enjoys several events such as:

  • Fiesta Hermosa
  • Hermosa Ironman
  • International Surf Festival
  • Farmers Market
  • Shakespeare by the Sea
  • Hermosa Beach Film Festival

Hermosa Beach History

Before American settlers came to the area, the land was used for animal grazing. Its hills and fields were also used to harvest grains. When settlers started moving to the area and establishing homes, the city began to grow. In 1901, they made plans for a boardwalk. Three years later the pier was built. As the railroads were developed, the population grew and the city was incorporated in 1907.

If you are looking for quality food that is affordable in the Hermosa Beach area, Good Stuff is the place to be. Treat yourself to a tasty and nutritious meal at our family-friendly restaurant today.


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